butternut squash*, carrot*, peaches*, mango*, apple juice*, lemon juice*, chia*, pink Himalayan salt
pineapple*, cucumber*, baby spinach*, banana*, pineapple juice*, chia*,  lemon juice*, vanilla*, pink Himalayan salt
strawberries*, beets*, blueberries*, apple juice*, concord grape juice*, chia*, coconut nectar*, vanilla*, pink Himalayan salt
avocado*, pineapple*, banana*, coconut water*, coconut milk*,pineapple juice*, chia*, pink Himalayan salt
avocado*, coconut nectar*, cashew butter*, almond milk*, filtered water, cocoa powder*, coconut oil*, chia*, pink Himalayan salt
pear*, banana*, almond milk*, pear nectar*, kale*, pistachios*, lemon juice*, ginger*, chia*, pink Himalayan salt
yams*, mango*, coconut water*, orange juice*, lime juice*, chia*, pink Himalayan salt
banana*, kiwi*, baby spinach*, pineapple juice*, chia*,  pink Himalayan salt
*Organic – Yes, all of that. Our pear-banana-kale-pistachio pop and avocado-coconut-cocoa pop contain nuts, but all pops are made on the same equipment.